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We are no longer able to deal with the mind that time has produced with the education of yesterday.   
We must add innovation, adaptation, social and emotional learning, supplemental education and workforce development in order to give relevance to today’s learning experience.


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Certified Teachers and Dedicated Counselors for Every Student

Whether you are a fully accredited Charter School or a home or private school looking for supplemental or alternative education solutions, iSuccess has post pandemic plans to help students recover and forge ahead. Every student is assigned a dedicated Academic Coach that is responsible for helping that student with an academic and career pathway plan. Students also have certified teachers for all their courses.

Online Classes
Self Paced Personalized
Learning Labs

Our Self-Paces Flexible Plans allow students to move at a pace that is comfortable for them without the pressures of deadlines or specific log in times. Students have access to their courses 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. Turn your facility into a full service multi-use community resource venue with a fully accredited K12 Personalized Learning Lab. With over 50 electives in Career Technical Education (CTE). Included are Workforce Development Certifications and Training Courses.

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Accelerated Supplemental    and Career Based Education

We provide a high quality rigorous interactive education with E-books, reinforcement videos, projects and presentations, interactive games, virtual labs, and journals to create a well rounded engaging experience. Our Single Sign-on LMS is fully accredited with Cognia and SACS CASI, and is one of the few online school programs that offers NCAA approved courses.

Recording Lesson
High Doses of Academic Coaching and Tutorial Service

Sometimes the best way to catch up when you have fallen behind is to accelerate and keep moving ahead when others are taking a break. Our Year Round school programs includes an accelerated curriculum structure supported with an high dose of Tutorial Services, Social and Emotional and Academic Coaching.  iSucces Global Community Based Partners now offers alternative education development tools that goes to the root cause to solve education problem areas in under served communities. 


The Importance of Attending a Fully Accredited School

Accreditation determines if a school and its credits and diplomas are considered ‘real’ by other high schools, colleges and universities, employers, all levels of government, and the military. There is nothing more frustrating than spending hundreds or thousands of dollars only to discover that your credits and diploma are not accepted by employers, the military, or other schools. Tens of thousands of people have believed they were paying for and working to obtain a real degree, only to watch their dream turn into a nightmare when they tried to actually use their degree. Don’t let that happen to you!

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      Accredited Curriculum Designed     For Students that:

Life Performance Education

Special Program Features

Community Based Partnership Flexible Plans

  1. are struggling at brick and mortar schools

  2. participate in sports, gymnastics, tennis, dance, martial arts, acting, modeling, musicians and other activities that may interfere with attendance at other schools

  3. have ADD/ADHD and have trouble focusing for long school days

  4. have other medical conditions preventing daily attendance and focus

  5. move often (i.e. military families)

  6. work jobs

  7. are being bullied or getting involved with the wrong kids at school

  8. have social anxiety

  9. want to accelerate and graduate sooner

  10. do not fit the mold of a brick and mortar structure

  1. Certified Teachers for Every Course

  2. Personal Counselor for Every Student

  3. Grades 6-12

  4. Individual Courses, Make Up/Recovery

  5. Full Grade Levels (6-12), Transfer Any time or Graduate with iSuccess-American K12 School Partner. Graduates of this curriculum model have been accepted to major colleges and universities throughout the World.

  6. Self-Paced

  7. Flexible, Work Around Your Schedule

  8. 24/7 Access, 365 days/Year

  9. Engaging Interactive Curriculum

  10. Mastery of Subject(Redo Assessments Below 70%)

  11. NCAA Compliance Ready

  12. High Dose Tutorial Service Available

  1. Home School Association Plans

  2. Charter School Accreditation and Recovery

  3. Tutorial Services

  4. iSuccess Sports Leadership Academy U

  5. Supplemental Education Plans

  6. Over 50 CTE Courses

  7. Workforce Development Solutions

  8. After School and Summer School

  9. Youth Sports Program Assistance

  10.  International School Affiliates


i can i will succeed...

Alternative Education Solutions that specializes in Unfinished Learning, Credit Recovery, Dropout Recovery and Learning Loss in communities you serve.

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