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Calculating Money in Football Betting A

If you're into football betting, besides knowing how to analyze odds to choose suitable bets, don't forget to update yourself on the method of calculating money in football betting. Please.

Don't let anyone else do the math for you, and at the very least, know the standard formula to avoid being taken advantage of.

If any of you have never paid attention to this issue, then read the following article right away, wintips will provide a complete guide to calculating money accurately without adjustments.

Calculating Money in Football Betting (1×2 Betting)

Let's start with the Asian Handicap betting - the basic betting to get familiar with the simplest way of calculating football betting.

As you know, the Asian Handicap (1×2) bet with 3 betting options predicts the home team to win, the away team to win, or both teams to draw.

Each bet has its own odds (betting odds) determined by the bookmaker legit and they will be "live" continuously once the match starts.

No matter which form of betting you choose, the outcome will fall into one of two cases: winning or losing the bet (no draw).

In that case, we will apply the following standard calculation method in this market:

Win: Winning money = Amount wagered * Respective betting odds (respective betting odds for each bet).

Lost bet: Loss = Amount wagered.

This is also considered a win-lose betting format in football betting that we often encounter.

Read on for more knowledge below to gain more experience.

Calculating Asian Handicap Betting

Asian Handicap betting has a more complex money calculation method than 1×2 betting because it includes a handicap bet (bookmaker's odds) for the underdog.

This bet can be whole numbers like 0.1, 2,... Or it can be decimals like 0.25, 0.5, 0.75...

So when adding the handicap odds for the bottom team, we will have a money calculation method based on the difference in goals scored and conceded by the top and bottom teams.

The betting ticket will have winning results (full win and half win), losing results (full loss and half loss) calculated by the following formulas:

a) For full win bets:

Full win occurs when the handicap has been added to the number of goals scored for the underdog, if the difference in goals scored and conceded by the two teams is still 0.5 or more for the top team, then the top team bet wins the full amount.

When you choose the bottom team and the handicap after betting according to the above method is less than 0.5, you will win.

In general, when calculating full wins, we will apply the standard betting calculation method:

Total win = Bet * Win rate

b) Half win bets

Winning half or half win is when adding the handicap odds, the difference in goals scored and conceded by the two teams = 0.25 and betting on the top team will win half according to the following formula:

Half win = 1/2 (Bet * Win rate bet).

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c) Lost betting ticket

Full loss is when you predict the match result incorrectly and depending on the chosen betting option.

For example, you bet on the top team to win by 3 goals but the bottom team wins, then you will lose the full amount.

Once we determine that we have lost, obviously we will not receive the wager back nor any rewards.

Full loss = Bet

d) Half loss

Half loss odds are when adding the handicap odds, the difference in goals scored and conceded by the two teams = 0.25 and when betting on the top team, you will be paid according to the following formula:

Half loss = 1/2 Bet

Note: With the Malaysia or Indonesia odds calculation method, the money gained or lost may be higher than the bet placed, and at this time, the money gain or loss calculation formula will be: Lost money = Bet x Loss rate.

Calculating Money in Over/Under Football Betting (O/U)

Over and under betting follows a similar calculation method to Asian Handicap betting because the odds provided by the bookmaker will be decimals like 0.25, 0.5, 0.75.

They also apply the method of comparing the score difference between the actual score of the match and the odds provided by the bookmaker from 0.25 or 0.5 onwards.

Applying the full win, half win, full loss, and half loss formulas like Asian Handicap betting, we have the following calculation method:

Total win = Bet * Win rate bet.

Half win = 1/2 (Bet * Over/Under odds).

Full loss = Bet.

Half loss = 1/2 Bet.

For other types of bets such as correct score, total goals, over/under, these formulas apply.

Guide to Calculating Money in Parlay Betting

Many bettors combine parlay bets in football betting because the winnings can be significant due to the multiplication factor for each link in the chain.

However, you need to remember that we need to win all the links in that chain to be considered a winning bet, just one wrong prediction will be considered a loss.

The formula for calculating the betting odds for a parlay chain is as follows:

a) Winning bet:

If you win the parlay, you will earn heavily according to the formula:

Factor = Betting odds 1 x Betting odds 2 x…

Money won = Multiplier x Bet.

b) Losing bet (just one wrong prediction)

If you only need to place one bet in the parlay, you will lose all of your bet amount.

Loss = full bet amount.

Refunds in Football Betting

In football betting, besides winning and losing, there are draws and cases where the betting money is refunded. You also need to know:

a) Full refund

Full refund is when your entire bet amount is refunded in the following cases:

Match canceled before it starts ⇒ canceled bet, refund.

The match has started but is canceled without any goals, similar bets will be refunded.

Draw bet, in Asian Handicap and over/under bets for example, there will be a draw score. In this case, the player will receive back their entire bet amount.

b) Half refund

For 2 types of Asian and Over/Under bets, when losing, you will be refunded 1/2 according to the Asian Handicap odds.

For Indo or Malay odds, the refund will be according to the following formula:

Refund = bet amount - 1/2 (bet amount * loss odds).


Now you're sure about Calculating Money in Football Betting, right?

It's not too difficult to calculate how much you've won or lost, is it?

However, remember to choose reputable bookmakers like wintips to ensure you are paid in full and accurately.


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